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A little organ book (in memory of Hubert Parry)

Publisher:Banks Music Publications
Edition no.: 13985

SKU: sbm13985


Style Period:Modern
Country:Great Brittain


At Sir Hubert Parry's funeral in St Paul's Cathedral on October 16th 1918, a few of his friends made a small wreath of melodies, which were woven together and played.

The pieces in this book have been written and given by these friends and a few besides, as a rather larger wreath, in loving memory of him.
The title of the book was suggested by the original heading on his own piece (which stands as the first of them): "For the Little Organ Book". (1924)


1. C Hubert H Parry: Untitled: "For the Little Organ Book"
2. C V Stanford: Chorale Prelude "Why does azure deck the sky")
3. A Herbert Brewer: Carillon
4. Alan Gray: Untitled
5. Charles Macpherson: Untitled
6. Ivor Atkins: Chorale Prelude on "Worcester"
7. Frank Bridge: Untitled
8. Harold E Darke: Untitled
9. Charles Wood: Untitled
10. Walter G Alcock: Untitled
11. G Thalben Ball: Elegy
12. Henry G Ley: Improvisation
13. Walford Davies: Jesu Dulcis Memoria

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