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Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes, and other works for piano

Composer:Satie, Erik Alfred Leslie (1866-1925)
Publisher:Dover Publications
Edition no.: DP13970

SKU: sdov25978


Style Period:Modern


This volume is the largest collection of Satie's piano works yet published, including some of the most original and appealing achievements of a turbulent era in music, compositions that influenced such modern masters as Ravel, Milhaud and Poulenc.

This delightful collection includes the well-known Gymnopedies, Gnossiennes, Sarabandes and much more.

Le fils des etoiles
Sonneries de la rose et croix
Prelude de la porte heroique du ciel
Pieces froides
Poudre d'or
3 morceaux en forme de poire a 4 ms
En habit de cheval (4ms)
Apercus desagreables
Veritables preludes
Descriptions automatiques
Embryons desseches
Croquis et agaceries d'un gros bonhomme en bois
Chapitres tournes en tous sens
Vieux sequins et vieilles cuirasses

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