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Hungarian Organ Music 2

Edition no.: Z4663

SKU: semb04663


Style Period:Contemporary


Edited by Pécsi Sebestyén
Published: 1969

1. Jemnitz Sándor: Fantasy
2. Kadosa Pál: Four Pieces for Organ. Dirge no.1
3. Kadosa Pál: Four Pieces for Organ. Study no.2
4. Kadosa Pál: Four Pieces for Organ. Lullaby no.3
5. Kadosa Pál: Four Pieces for Organ. Toccatina no.4
6. Farkas Ferenc: Canephorae. 5 pezzi per organo
7. Maros Rudolf: Bagatelles. Preludio no. 1
8. Maros Rudolf: Bagatelles. Siciliana no. 2
9. Maros Rudolf: Bagatelles. Scherzo no. 3
10. Maros Rudolf: Bagatelles. Aria no. 4
11. Maros Rudolf: Bagatelles. Rondo no. 5

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