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Subtitle:Monumenta Musica Neerlandica XVII
Composer:Cornet, Pieter (c.1575-1633)
Edition no.: MMN17

SKU: skvnmmmn17


Instrument:Organ, Organ (manuals only)
Style Period:Early Baroque


1. Toccata noni toni
2. Fantasia primi toni
3. Fantasia secundi toni
4. Fantasia quinti toni (fragment)
5. Fantasia ottavi toni
6. Fantasia ottavi toni
7. Fantasia ottavi toni
8. Fantasia noni toni
9. Regina caeli
10. Salve Regina
11. Tantum ergo
12. Courante
13. Courante

APPENDIX A: Anonymously transmitted pieces
14. [Fantasia
15. Fantasia sexti toni (transmitted with a an attribution to Bull)
16. Te Deum (fragment)
17. Aria del granduca

APPENDIX B: Pieces from Och89 with added ties
7a. Fantasia ottavi toni
9a. Regina caeli
16a. Te Deum (fragment)

10/iva. O clemens (Salve Regina) with pedal cantus frmus

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