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Pipe Dusters 3

Subtitle:A "pull-out-all-stops" collection for the church organist
Publisher:Lorenz Publishing
Edition no.: 70/1088L

SKU: slor701088




Don't be fooled by the title or cover art! This is not a "how to" book on organ chamber housekeeping! The subtitle tells the story: "a 'pull-out-all-stops' collection for the church organist." It's a known fact (well, almost!) that all organists (well, almost!) LOVE to play loud music, and that all listeners (well, almost!) enjoy it. Therefore, PIPE DUSTERS VOLUME III, will provide appropriate music for any worship service (or other occasion, including weddings) when brilliant, festive organ music is desired. A quick look at the impressive index (and an examination of the music itself) will prove the point. Dust your pipes (or speakers) frequently by using this unusual new collection.

The Trumpets Of Heaven [David Paxton
Laudation Gilbert M Martin
Christ For The World We Sing Felice DeGiardini
Life Everlasting David Paxton
Finale In C Minor Stanley E Saxton
Sing To The Lord Of Harvest Dennis Eliot
Fanfare Kevin L Raybuck
Festive Introit Joseph Prentiss
Rise O Children Of Salvation Joachim Neander
Sing To His Name Gilbert M Martin
Trumpet Postlude Rex Koury
Now All The Vault Of Heaven Resounds Geistliche Kirchengesange
Fanfare For A Festive Occasion Lani Smith
Fanfare Humphrey Turner
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today Humphrey Turner
A Resurrection Fanfare Lani Smith
Postlude In G Henry Kihlken

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