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Praeambula - 25 Orgelvorspiele aus drei Jahrhunderten

Subtitle:von Anonymus, Buxheimer Orgelbuch, Johannes Kotter, Leonhard Kleber, Samuel Mareschall, Christian Erbach u.a.
Publisher:Alfred Coppenrath
Edition no.: CV92.376/00

SKU: scv92376


Instrument:Organ, Organ (manuals only)
Style Period:Renaissance


Praeambulum super C
Praeambulum super D

Buxheimer Orgelbuch
Praeambulum super re [d
Praeambulum super F

Johannes Kotter
Prooemium in re d
Prooemium in re d
Preludium in fa F

Leonhard Kleber
Preambalum in re d
Finale in re seu preambalon d
Preambalum in Sol h dur G
Preambalum in Sol b moll g
Preambalon in la a

Samuel Mareschall
Praeambulum Quarti Toni e
Praeambulum Secundi Toni g

Praeambulum in D
Praeambulum in d
Praeambulum in d

Christian Erbach
Praeambulum in G

Praeambulum Primi Toni d
Praeambulum Quarti Toni e
Praeambulum Tertij Toni a
Praeambulum C
Praeambulum primi toni d
Praeambulum e
Praeambulum con Pedale F

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