Organ and Keyboard Works I.2

Frescobaldi, Girolamo (1583-1643)


Toccate e Partite d’intavolatura di cimbalo…libro primo (Rome, Borboni, 1615, 1616)

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Girolamo Frescobaldi’s music strongly influenced composers such as Froberger, Buxtehude, J. S. Bach and Muffat. Bärenreiter is now complementing the long-standing Pidoux edition with an Urtext edition in six volumes which sets a new standard. It offers both professional musicians and enthusiasts an unrivalled musical text which will satisfy practical requirements whilst at the same time providing comprehensive information on all currently known sources and the history of the works. This Urtext edition of the organ and keyboard works has been edited by the renowned specialists Christopher Stembridge and Kenneth Gilbert.

Vol. I.2 includes the toccatas and partita movements from the first edition published in Rome by Nicolò Borboni. Each volume in the new Frescobaldi edition contains a critical commentary as well as an introduction de scribing the genesis of the works, situation regarding sources and performance practice.

– Urtext edition setting new standards in six volumes
– Reflecting the latest state of research
– Detailed foreword (Eng/Ger), critical commentary (Eng/Ger), index of sources

Frescobaldis Vorworte zu den ‘Toccate e Partie’ / Frescobaldi’s
Prefaces to ‘Toccate e Partie’:
‘Al lettore’ (‘avertenze’) – Erste Ausgabe / First Edition (1615)
‘Al lettore’ (‘avvertimenti’) – Zweite Ausgabe / Second Edition (1616)
‘Toccate e Partite d’intavolatura di cimbalo…libro primo’, Roma,

Borboni, 1615:
Toccata Prima
Toccata Seconda
Toccata Terza
Toccata Quarta
Toccata Quinta
Toccata Sesta
Toccata Settima
Toccata Otava
Toccata Nona
Toccata Decima
Toccata Undecima
Toccata Duodecima
Partite sopra Rugiero
Partite sopra la Romanesca
Parte sopra lamonicha

aus / from: ‘Toccate e Partite d’intavolatura di cimbalo…libro primo’, Roma, Borboni, ²1616:

Partite sopra l’Aria della Romanesca
Partite 11 sopra l’Aria di Monicha
Partite 12 sopra l’Aria di Ruggiero
Partite Sopra Folia
Corrente Prima
Corrente Seconda
Corrente Terza
Corrente Quarta

Die Quellen / The Sources
Zur Edition / Editorial Policy
Kritischer Bericht / Critical Commentary
Verzeichnis der Faksimiles im Notenteil / Facsimiles that Appear in the Music of the Present Edition

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