Tabulatura Nova III

Scheidt, Samuel (1587-1654)


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Werke SSWV 139-158
– Kyrie Dominicale
– Magnificats 1-9
– 6 Hymnen
– Credo
– Psalmus
– Modus ludendi u.a.

Harald Vogel brought his edition to a close with Part III. It´s also features extensive commentaries by the editor. The focus is now on two succinct texts that reach beyond the framework of customary introductions and touch upon fundamental questions concerning music for keyboard instruments in the early 17th century. In the Notes on the Use and Structure of the Liturgical Pieces, the editor comments upon the pieces contained in Part III with reference to the performance practice at their time of origin. Sources that were heretofore practically unknown supply concrete information on the execution of the chorale-related pieces. In his Notes on the Registration Practice, Vogel delves into the art of registration, thus rounding off an editorial accomplishment of the highest caliber.

“Besonders der vorliegende Band III umfasst ausschließlich liturgisches Repertoire, was ihn für die Verwendung im Gottesdienst sehr wertvoll macht.”(gh, KiMu im Bistum Bambg.)

“Ainsi s’achève une contribution essentielle au répertoire des organistes, réalisée par un excellent musicien, musicologue averti, qui a bien mérité le coup de cœur que nous réitérerons, pour l’ensemble des trois volumes.”(Magazine l’orgue)

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