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Sämtliche Orgel- und Clavierwerke IV.2: Lied- und Tanzvariationen (Teil 2)

Composer:Sweelinck, Jan Pieterszoon (1562-1621)
Edition no.: BA08494

SKU: sba08494


Instrument:Organ, Organ (manuals only), Harpsichord
Style Period:Renaissance


Variationen gesicherter Authentizität / Variations of Certain Authenticity:
8 Soll es sein in C
9 Unter der Linden grüne in G
10 Von der Fortuna werd ich getrieben in g (J. P. Sweelinck & S. Scheidt)

Zugeschriebene Werke - Attributed Works:
15 Allemand. in F
16 Die flichtig Nimphae. in C

Anhang - Appendix:
Die flichtig Nimphae. Altr[amente: in C (Anonymous)
Niederländisch liedgen in C (Anonymous)
Ballet in C (Anonymous)

The central importance of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (1562–1621) for baroque keyboard music can hardly be overestimated. Siegbert Rampe’s scholarly performance edition is the first edition of Sweelinck’s complete keyboard works which differentiates between ‘works of certain authenticity’ and ‘works of doubtful authenticity’.

For the first time Volumes III.1 and III.2 inclu de all chorale arrangements attributed to Sweelinck or han de d down un de r his name. Volumes IV.1 and IV.2 inclu de all dance and song variations.

- Definitive complete Urtext edition
- Each volume contains facsimiles and a Critical Commentary (Ger/Eng) with a list of sources
- Detailed forewords (Ger/Eng) on the structure of the works and editorial technique
- With tips on instrumentation and performance practice
- Notes on ornamentation

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