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Sämtliche Orgelwerke I

Subtitle:Zu Lebzeiten des Autors veröffentlichte Werke
Composer:Boëllmann, Léon (1862-1897)
Edition no.: BA08424

SKU: sba08424


Difficulty Level:Unknown


Sämtliche Orgelwerke URTEXT (Schauerte) Band 1
Complete Organ Works Volume 1

- Zu Lebzeiten des Autors veröffentlichte Werke
- The organ works published during his lifetime
- Les Oevres publiees de son vivant


Offertoire sur des Noels (1882)
Deux Petites Pieces pour orgue (1884)
Offertoire (1885/86)
Douze Pieces pour orgue ou piano-pedalier op. 16 (1891)


Adagietto, 12 pieces op.16 no.11
Canzona dans la tonalite gregorienne, 12 pieces op.16 no.10
Carillon, 12 pieces op.16 no.5
Choral, 12 pieces op.16 no.6
Communion from Deux petites pieces (1884)
Elegie, 12 pieces op.16 no.7
Elevation from Deux petites pieces (1884)
Fugue, 12 pieces op.16 no.2
Intermezzo, 12 pieces op.16 no.4
Marche religieuse, 12 pieces op.16 no.3
Offertoire (1885/6)
Offertoire sur des Noels (1882)
Paraphrase sur Laudate Dominum, 12 pieces op.16 no.12
Prelude, 12 pieces op.16 no.1
Verset I on Adoro te, 12 pieces op.16 no.8
Verset II on Adoro te, 12 pieces op.16 no.9

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