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Sämtliche Orgelwerke in 13 banden (Laukvik/Sanger)

Subtitle:Complete Organ Works, vol. 1-13
Composer:Vierne, Louis Victor Jules (1870-1937)
Publisher:Carus Verlag
Edition no.: CV18.150/00

SKU: scv18150


Style Period:Modern


The six Symphonies represent the most important group of Vierne's organ compositions. With these works he carried on the splendid French tradition of this genre bringing it to its peak. Vierne's compositional models are clearly discernible: primarly Franck and Widor, but also Mendelssohn and Schumann. Along with the beautiful melodic ideas in his slow movements and the occasion ally bizarre ideas in his scherzi and intermezzi, it is above all his chromaticism that characterizes Vierne's style. The complete edition of his organ works provides a musical text as accurate and authentic as possible: It corrects obvious misprints from the first editions, provides commentary on questionable passages and offers alternative solutions. It is based on the first editions, the composer’s manuscripts and lists of corrections from colleagues, pupils and present-day interpreters closely concerned with Vierne’s music. All works are also available in separate editions.

Heft 1: Symphonie Nr. 1 in d op. 14 (1898-99)
Heft 2: Symphonie Nr. 2 in e op. 20 (1902-03)
Heft 3: Symphonie Nr. 3 in fis op. 28 (1912)
Heft 4: Symphonie Nr. 4 in g op. 32 (1914)
Heft 5: Symphonie Nr. 5 in a op. 47 (1923-24)
Heft 6: Symphonie Nr. 6 in h op. 59 (1930)
Heft 7: Pièces de Fantaisie - Première Suite op. 51
Heft 8: Pièces de Fantaisie - Deuxième Suite op. 53
Heft 9: Pièces de Fantaisie - Troisième Suite op. 54
Heft 10: Pièces de Fantaisie - Quatrième Suite op. 55
Heft 11: Pièces en style libre 1 op. 31/1 (1913-14)
Heft 12: Pièces en style libre 2 op. 31/2 (1913-14)
Heft 13: Kleinere Werke

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