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The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, vol. 1

Publisher:Dover Publications
Edition no.: DP10372

SKU: sdov21068


Instrument:Organ, Organ (manuals only), Harpsichord
Style Period:Renaissance
Country:Great Brittain


Volume 1 of famous early 17th-century collection of keyboard music. Features 300 works by Morley, Byrd, Bull, Gibbons, etc. Modern notation.

'The most remarkable, and in many respects the most valuable collection of Elizabethan keyboard music' (Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians). The close to 300 airs, variations, fantasies, toccatas, pavanes, galliards, allemandes and courantes in these two volumes include some of the finest examples of Elizabethan and Jacobean Music: Morley, Gibbons, Farnaby, Warrock, Ferdinando Richardson, Peter Phillips, Tomkins and practically every other composer of the virginalistic school. John Bull and William Byrd, two of England's greatest composers are represented by over 100 works. The pieces herein, while composed for the virginal, can be played without difficulty on the piano or any other keyboard instrument. Maitland and Squire set the music into modern notation, preserving faithfully the intent of the composers.

Table of Contents for The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. 1

I. Walsingham. John Bull (see No. LXVIII)
II. Fantasia [IX. John Munday
III. Fantasia, Faire Wether, etc. John Munday
IV. Pavana I. Ferdinando Richardson
V. Variatio I. Ferdinando Richardson
VI. Galiarda I. Ferdinando Richardson
VII. Variation I. Ferdinando Richardson
VIII. Fantasia VII. William Byrd
IX. Goe from my Window. Thomas Morley (see No. XLII)
X. Jhon come kisse me now. William Byrd
XI. Galliarda to my Lord Lumley's Paven (see No. XLI). John Bull
XII. Nancie. Thomas Morley
XIII. Pavana VII. John Bull
XIV. Alman IX. Anon
XV. Robin see No. CXXVIII). John Munday
XVI. Pavana [II. M. S.
XVII. Galiarda X. John Bull
XVIII. Barafostus' Dreame. Anon (see No. CXXXI)
XIX. Muscadin (see No. CCXCIII). Anon
XX. Alman VII. Anon
XXI. Galiarda I. Anon
XXII. Praeludium VII. Anon
XXIII. Praeludium, El. Kiderminster. Anon
XXIV. Praeludium XIII. William Byrd
XXV. Praeludium XIII. Anon
XXVI. The Irish Ho-Hoane. Anon
XXVII. Pavane VII. Ferdinando Richardson
XXVIII. Variatio VII. Ferdinando Richardson
XXIX. Galiarda I*. Ferdinando Richardson
XXX. Variatio I*. Ferdinando Richardson
XXXI. The Quadran Pavan. John Bull (see No. CXXXIII)
XXXII. Variation of the Quadran Pavan. John Bull
XXXIII. Galiard to the Quadran Pavan. John Bull (see No. CXXXIV)
XXXIV. Pavana IX. Dor. John Bull (see No. XLVIII)
XXXV. Galiard to the Pavan IX. John Bull
XXXVI. Saint Thomas Wake. John Bull
XXXVII. In Nomine X*. John Bull
XXXVIII. Fantasia. IX*. John Bull
XXXIX. Pavana IX. Robert Johnson, set by Giles Farnaby
XL. The Woods so wilde. Orlando Gibbons (see No. LXVII)
XLI. Pavana of my Lord Lumley (see No. XI). John Bull
XLII. Goe from my Window (see No. IX). John Munday
XLIII. Praeludium I. John Bull
XLIV. Gloria tibi Trinitas. John Bull
XLV. Salvator Mundi. John Bull
XLVI. Galliarda VII. John Bull
XLVII. Variatio VII. John Bull
XLVIII. Galiarda to the Paven No. XXXIV IX. John Bull
XLIX. Praeludium. Thomas Oldfield
L. In Nomine. William Blitheman
LI. Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La. John Bull
LII. Fantasia IX. William Byrd (see No. C)
LIII. The King's Hunt. Giles Farnaby
LIV. Spagnioletta. Giles Farnaby
LV. For two Virginals. Giles Farnaby
LVI. Passamezzo Pavana. William Byrd
LVII. Galiardas Passamezzo. William Byrd
LVIII. The Carman's Whistle. William Byrd
LIX. The Hunt's up. William Byrd (see No. CCLXXVI)
LXI. Tregian's Ground. William
LXI. Monsieur's Alman. William Byrd
LXII. Variatio. William Byrd
LXIII. Alman XIII. William Byrd
LXIV. Sellenger's Round. William Byrd
LXV. Fortune. William Byrd
LXVI. O Mistris myne. William Byrd
LXVII. The Woods so wilde. William Byrd (see No. XL)
LXVIII. Walsingham. (See No. I.) William Byrd
LXIX. The Bells. William Byrd
LXX. Tirsi, di Luca Marenzio. Ia. Parte intavolata di Pietro Philippi. Peter Philips
LXXI. Freno. 2a. Parte. Peter Philips
LXXII. Così morirò. 3a. Parte. Peter Philips
LXXIII. Fece da voi. à 6. Peter Philips
LXXIV. Pavana Pagget. Peter Philips
LXXV. Galiarda I**. Peter Philips
LXXVI. Passamezzo Pavana. Peter Philips
LXXVII. Galiarda Passamezzo. Peter Philips
LXXVIII. Chi fara fede al Cielo, di Alessandro Striggio. Peter Philips
LXXIX. Bon Jour mon Cueur, di Orlando di Lasso. Peter Philips
LXXX. Pavana Dolorosa. Tregian set by Peter Philips
LXXXI. Galiarda Dolorosa. Peter Philips
LXXXII. Amarilli, di Julio Romano (Giulio Caccini). Peter Philips
LXXXIII. Margott laborez. Lasso, set by Peter Philips
LXXXIV. Fantasia VII. Peter Philips
LXXXV. Pavana VII. Peter Philips
LXXXVI. Le Rossignuol. Lasso, set by Peter Philips
LXXXVII. Galliardo VII. Peter Philips
LXXXVIII. Fantasia XIII*. Peter Philips
LXXXIX. Fantasia. Nicholas Strogers
XC. Alman IX. Martin Peerson
XCI. Pavana, Bray. William Byrd
XCII. Galiarda. William Byrd
XCIII. Pavana. Ph. Tr. William Byrd
XCIV. Galiarda XIII*. William Byrd
XCV. Toccata. Giovanni Pichi
XCVI*. Praeludium Toccata. J. P. Sweelinck
XCVII. Pavana. Thomas Warrock
XCVIII. Galiarda. Thomas Warrock
XCIX. Praeludium. Galeazzo
C. Praeludium to the Fancie, No. LII. William Byrd
CI. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la. William Byrd
CII. Ut, mi, re. William Byrd
CIII. Fantasia XIII. William Byrd
CIV. All in a Garden green. William Byrd
CV. Heaven and Earth. Fre
CVI. Praeludium VII. John Bull
CVII. Veni. Anon
CVIII. Fantasia IX*. John Bull
CIX. Felix namque. Thomas Tallis

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