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The Organ Yearbook 44 (2015)

Author(s):Williams, Peter (ed.)
Publisher:Laaber Verlag

SKU: blvoy44




Anna Marie Flusche, O.P.
Gerbert of Aurillac († 1003), maker of organs

Martin Renshaw
Were there any organs in medieval England? A mid-term report

Louis Delpech
Einige gute französische Organisten. The dissemination of French organ music in 18th-century Germany. A preliminary report

Roberto Antonello
A la carte: Tables of Stop Combinations by Gaetano Callido (1727-1813)

João Vaz
The Six Organs in the Basilica of Mafra: History, Restoration and Repertoire

Sverker Jullander
‘As if Created for the Modern Organ’: Aspects of Sigfrid Karg-Elert’s Bach Transcriptions for Organ, II

Paul Peeters & Stephen Taylor
Present-day organ-building problems and their practical solution. Sybrand Zachariassen’s lecture revisited

Hans Fidom
Re-thinking organ music — the listener’s perspective. Organ musicology at VU University Amsterdam

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