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Toccatas, Fantasias, Passacaglia and Other Works

Composer:Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)
Publisher:Dover Publications
Edition no.: 0486254038

SKU: sdov254038


Instrument:Organ, Organ (manuals only)
Style Period:Late Baroque


Over 20 of the composer’s best-loved, most often performed compositions, including the Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565; Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor, BWV 582; the Fugue in B minor on a theme of Corelli, BWV 579, and many more. Reproduced directly from the authoritative Bach-Gesellschaft edition.

"Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 537"
"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor ("Dorian"), BWV 538"
"Toccata and Fugue in F Major, BWV 540"
"Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor, BWV 542"
"Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 562 (fugue incomplete)"
"Fantasia with Imitation in B Minor, BWV 563"
"Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major, BWV 564"
"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565"
"Prelude and Fugue in E Major, BWV 566"
"Prelude in G Major, BWV 568"
"Prelude in A Minor, BWV 569"
"Fantasia in C Major, BWV 570"
"Fantasia in G Major, BWV 572"
"Fantasia in C Major, BWV 573 (incomplete)"
"Fugue in C Minor on a Theme of Legrenzi, BWV 574"
"Variant, BWV 574a"
"Fugue in C Minor, BWV 575"
"Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578"
"Fugue in B Minor on a Theme of Corelli, BWV 579"
"Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 582"

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