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The Elusive English Organ SOLD OUT

Ondertitel:A documentary film and recording
Uitvoerende(n):Moult, Daniel
Uitgever:Fugue State Films
Editienummer: FSFDVD002

Artikelnummer: dfsf002
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Featuring: Dominic Gwynn, John Mander and Kimberly Marshall

Between about 1550 and 1830, some of the most beautiful English music was written for the organ, by composers such as Byrd, Purcell, Handel and Stanley.

In the documentary The Elusive English Organ, Daniel Moult sets out to perform this repertoire on appropriate organs of the time. But this is by no means straightforward. Many organs have been destroyed or changed beyond recognition. The Reformation, the Civil War and the Victorian zeal for rebuilding took a great toll on this country’s original organ heritage.

Therefore, to accomplish his goal, Daniel has to journey to some surprising places: private chapels, country houses, even a trip to France. In doing so he finds some of the few remaining English organs built between 1550 and 1830.
These fascinating instruments allow him to show the relationship between the historic English organ and its music.

Daniel Moult presents this documentary, in which he plays English organ music on the few historic instruments that still exist. In doing so he sees English history from a unique and compelling angle - the changes that he finds in music and instruments are a perfect echo of the huge forces that altered the country between 1550 and 1830.

The central idea of the film is that English keyboard music is rich and fascinating, including beautiful works by Byrd, Purcell, Handel and others, but most of the instruments these composers wrote for have been destroyed. This film showcases the few organs from the period that have survived in more or less original state.

Two reconstructed Tudor organs show how England enjoyed a strong musical style on a par with other European countries; two organs built in France by English builders from the Dallam family, Ploujean and Lanvellec, show how the native tradition developed until the Civil War; three Restoration organs, Adlington Hall, Great Packington and St Botolph, Aldgate, show how the reaction to the Civil War ushered in European styles; an early Victorian organ, St James, Bermondsey, shows how industrialism and radicalism changed England and its music.

Dan plays the organ of LanvellecIn the film, Daniel demonstrates that these survivals are very special, because most of England's historic organs have been destroyed. The first wave fell victim to the Reformation, the second wave of destruction occurred in the Civil War. Whatever survived finally fell victim to the Victorian gospel of industry. It is almost impossible to find a historical organ that was not completely rebuilt in the nineteenth century.

This is the first film to trace the history of the early English organ. The result is wonderfully entertaining and informative, and offers a rich context for beautiful pieces of keyboard music.


L’Eglise Lanvellec, Robert Dallam, 1653

1| Fantasia in A minor; William Byrd (1540? – 1623)
(from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)

Notre Dame de Ploujean, Thomas Dallam de la Tour, 1680

2| A Sad Pavan for these Distracted Times; Thomas Tomkins (1572 – 1656)

Adlington Hall, Builder Unknown, c1680

3| Voluntary in A; John Blow (1649 - 1708)
4| Voluntary in A minor (from Melothesia); Matthew Locke (c1621 - 1677)
5| Voluntary in G; Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695)
6| Voluntary in D minor for Double Organ; Henry Purcell

St James, Great Packington, Thomas Parker, 1749

7| Concerto II (Op. 4, No.2); George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759),
A tempo ordinario arr. John Walsh (1665 - 1736)
8| Concerto II: Allegro; George Frideric Handel
9| Concerto II: Adagio; George Frideric Handel
10| Concerto II: Allegro ma non Presto; George Frideric Handel
11| Fuga II (from Six Fugues or Voluntaries); George Frideric Handel
12| Fugue in A; Philip Hart (c1676 - 1749)

St Botolph, Aldgate, Renatus Harris, 1704

13| Piece No. VII in D minor; John Worgan (1724 - 1790)
14| Voluntary VII (Op. 5, No. 7); John Stanley (1712 - 1786)
15| Voluntary VIII (Op. 5, No. 8); John Stanley

St James, Bermondsey, J.C. Bishop & Son, 1829

16| Largo from Voluntary II
(from Twelve Voluntaries, 1812); William Russell (1777 - 1813)
17| from Tweleve short pieces, 1815: No. 8; Samuel Wesley (1766 - 1837)
18| No. 9; Samuel Wesley
19| No. 10; Samuel Wesley

Total Running Time | ~72 mins

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