Cours Complèt d’Improvisation á l’Orgue, Vol. 1 (English/French)

Dupré, Marcel (1886-1971)
Alphonse Leduc


Complete Course in Organ Improvisation

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French organist and composer, Marcel Dupré (1886-1971) is also remembered as a significant pedagogue. His Complete Course in Organ Improvisation is for beginners of Organ improvisation, who have previously acquired some Organ technique.

The first volume gives focus to harmonisation of scales and chorales, phrases, cadences, modulation, and form and structure, among other musical aspects. Dupré studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Louis Vierne and Charles-Marie Widor, where he won prizes for Piano, Organ and fugue, as well as the Grand Prix de Rome. He was a famous Organ virtuoso and was able to perform the entire works composed for the instrument by J. S. Bach from memory. Dupré’s compositions and didactic works remain important to organists today and his Complete Course in Organ Improvisation is no exception.

LEQON 1 Harmonisation des Gammes
LEQON 2 Chants donnés et Chorals harmonisés
LEQON 3 Antecedent et Consequent
LEQON 4 Consequent modulant
LEQON 5 Le Commentaire
LEQON 6 L´Incise
LEQON 7 L’Exposition binaire (Sa forme – Ses Modulations)
LEQON 8 Dispositions vocales
LEQON 9 Le Pont
LEQON 10 Le Developpement 1re partie
LEQON 11 Partie lyrique du Développement – Preparation de la Rentrde
LEQON 12 Plan général

Preface to the original French Edition -Translator’s Note
LESSON 1 The Harmonization of the Scales
LESSON 2 Given Melodien and Harmonized Chorals
LESSON 3 The Antecedent and the Consequent
LESSON 4 The ModulatingConsequent
LESSON 5 The Commentary
LESSON 6 Parenthetieal Bettions
LESSON 7 The Binary Exposition, its Form and its Modulations
LESSON 8 Placement and Order of voices parts
LESSON 9 The Bridge
LESSON 10 The Development firstpart
LESSON 11 The Lyrical Part of the Development – Preparation for the Re-entry (Return)
LESSON 12 General Plan

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