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Easy preludes and postludes of the 19th century

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In the 19th century, many organ compositions were written as accompaniments to church services. They were intended for beginners and experienced organists alike. Michael Gotthard Fischer (1773–1829), Adolph Hesse (1809–1863) and Gustav Adolf Merkel (1827–1885) are among the most well-known composers of this kind of repertoire.

The edition contains pieces in standard keys, employing few accidentals and using moderate tempos. The short and easy-to-play compositions for everyday liturgical use have been conceived so that they can be mastered even by beginners in pedal playing.

– Preludes:

Präludium in Es-Dur (Wilhem Volckmar)
Präludium in D-Dur (Michael Gotthard Fischer)
Präludium in B-Dur aus op. 4 (Heinrich Frankenberger)
Präludium in F-Dur (Andreas Barner)
Präludium in D-Dur (Gustav Merk)
Präludium in C-Dur aus op. 60 (Carl August Kern)
Präludium in D-Dur (Ernst Richter)
Präludium in C-Dur (Wilhelm Friedrich Ernst Bach)
Präludium in c-Moll (Gustav Adolf Merkel)
Präludium in c-Moll aus op. 1 (Paul Geist)
Präludium in D-Dur aus op. 77 (Paul Blumenthal)
Präludium in G-Dur (Wilhelm Schnippering)
Präludium in g-Moll aus op. 5 (Friedrich Kühmstedt)
Präludium in c-Moll op. 12,1 (Johann Weyhmann)
Präludium in B-Dur aus op. 2 (Richard Lange)
Präludium in G-Dur aus op. 2 (Richard Lange)
Präludium in C-Dur (Johann Gottlob Schneider)
Präludium in G-Dur (Johann Gottlob Schneider)

– Postludes:

Postludium in C-Dur (Albert Schröder)
Postludium in g-Moll (Davis Hermann Engel)
Nachspiel in c-Moll (Johann Georg Herzog)
Nachspiel in B-Dur (Johann Georg Herzog)
Nachspiel in G-Dur (Adolph Friedrich Hesse)
Nachspiel in h-Moll (Adolph Friedrich Hesse)
Postludium in g-Moll (Adam Valentin Wilhelm Volckmar)
Postludium in D-Dur aus op. 12 (Johannes Weyhmann)
Postludium in G-Dur (Traugott Immanuel Pachaly)
Nachspiel in Es-Dur aus op. 7 (Justus Carl Weber)
Postludium in g-Moll aus op. 32 (Adolf Hoffmann)
Postludium in G-Dur aus op. 29 (Georg Riemenschneider)
Nachspiel in C-Dur aus op. 1 (Paul Geist)
Nachspiel in F-Dur aus op. 43 (Johannes Diebold)

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