L’art de la Transcription – Vol. 3 (J.S. Bach)

Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750)


Transcr. André Isoir

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André Isoir has often been described, in connection with his remarkable performances of the works of Bach, in concerts and on disk, as the performer of the un-said, the player who prefers to suggest rather than to assert, the organist who thus engages with the composer on a deeply human level and penetrates directly to the heart of the matter. This is especially true of this series of transcriptions of the Great Cantor’s works, which were originally published some years ago. For this new edition of 2011, André Isoir has sometimes changed or even removed certain notes, in the interests of maximising transparency and simplicity, but he has, as always, been extremely faithful to the original text.

Content of volume 3:

Sinfonia de la Cantate BWV 29
Prélude de la Sonate BWV 1001 pour violon seul
Aria de basse de la Cantate BWV 56
Aria d’alto de la Cantate BWV 169
Aria de ténor de la Cantate BWV 4
Aria de soprano de la Cantate BWV 202
Aria de soprano de la Cantate BWV 68
Aria d’alto de la Cantate BWV 35
Aria d’alto de la Cantate BWV 208
Aria d’alto de la Cantate BWV 45
Finale du Concerto en Ut mineur pour 2 clavecins et orchestre BWV 1060
Concerto en La mineur pour 4 clavecins et orchestre d’après Antonio Vivaldi BWV 1065

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