Oeuvres pour Orgue

Reuchsel, Amedeé (1875-1931)


Edited by Giordano Assandri

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1. Prélude Gothique
2. Poslude Festival
3. Fantaisie en Fa mineur
4. Carillon
5. Grand Choeur

Amédée Reuchsel (b. Lyon, France, 1875 – d. Montereau, France, 1931) was the eldest son of Léon Reuchsel. He studied in the Conservatory of Bruxelles and he was a pupil of A. Mailly (harmony), E. Tinel (composition) and J. Dupont (organ).
In Paris he improved his studies with G. Fauré. For a long time he performed his task of organist at the Church of Saint Denis-du-St. Sacrement in Paris, but he also played at other churches in Lyon.
In 1908 he gained the “Prix Chartier” for his chamber music. He composed in many fields, but not extensively.
He left three organ Sonatas:
– Sonata no. 1 in F-minor, written in 1909, has three movements and he uses Gregorian plainsong;
– Sonata no. 2 in E-minor of 1911; he uses the Chorale “Ein Feste Burg” in the third movement;
– Sonata no. 3 in G of 1913 has four movements.
Furthermore, he composed:
– Daniel, an oratory
– Interlude in E and Fugue in A-minor (1911)
– Prélude gothique and Postlude Festival (1914)
– Marche triomphale, Printemps and Toccatina, op. 180 (1919)
– In Memoriam and Fugue tristis (1918)
– Pastorale, op. 180/1 (1919)
– Carillon nuptial
– Chorale, Fugue and Variation
– Prélude in Si-minor – Cantabile in Mi-major
– Prélude, Pastorale and Choral varié.
– Cinq Pièces pour Grand Orgue (Prélude-Cantabile-Fantaisie-Carillon et Grand Choeur)

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