Opera per tastiera vol. II

Pasquini, Bernardo (1637-1710)
Istituto dell Organo Storico Italiano


SBPK L 215, Parte 1

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Following the valuable discovery by Francesco Cera of previously unedited works by Bernardo Pasquini, published in the first volume of this new critical edition of the keyboard works, it is the turn of the most significant and voluminous manuscript (over 400 pages) which is part of the Landsberg collection bought by the Berlin State Library, containing a vast assortment of Italian vocal and instrumental music, still yet to be studied in depth.
In this edition the manuscript L. 215 has been divided into four volumes while the treatise in counterpoint will constitute a single volume. The transcription has been effected through direct contact with the manuscript, with the great advantage of being able to register all the numerous corrections made by the composer himself while eliciting a more precise interpretation of those passages whose legibility is compromised by problems associated with writing by hand where previous editors have been misled by the imprecisions of the photographic reproduction.

Fantasia la, mifa fa
Variazioni Capricciose in C. sol fa ut
Variazioni d´Invenzione in D. sol re
Canzona francese in c. sol fa ut
Canzona francese in f fa ut
Toccata in f. fa ut
Fantasia in e, la, mi
Ricercare in D. sol re
Capriccio in G. sol, re , Ut
Corrente Breve in G. sol, re , ut
Ricercare con la fuga in più modi

Preface and critical report in Italian with English translation.
Edited by Armando Carideo.

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