Organ Works

Froberger, Johan Jacob (1616-1667)
Dover Publications


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This volume contains all 71 of the German composer’s works for organ, including 25 toccatas, 8 fantasias, 6 canzonas, 18 capriccios, and 14 ricercares. The music recalls Froberger’s teacher, the Italian composer Girolamo Frescobaldi, offering grand visions of the late Baroque. Since the scores do not include pedal indications, they are also appropriate for the piano or harpsichord.

Reprint of works from Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich, Artaria, Vienna.

Table of Contents for Organ Works


Toccata I in A Minor
Toccata II in D Minor
Toccata III in G Major
Toccata IV in C Major
Toccata V in D Minor
“(“Da sonarsi alla Levatione”)”
Toccata VI in G Minor
“(“Da sonarsi alla Levatione”)”
Toccata VII in G Major
Toccata VIII in E Minor
Toccata IX in C Major
Toccata X in F Major
Toccata XI in E Minor
Toccata XII in A Minor
Toccata XIII in E Minor
Toccata XIV in G Major
Toccata XV in G Minor
Toccata XVI in C Major
Toccata XVII in G Major
Toccata XVIII in F Major
Toccata XIX in D Minor
Toccata XX in A Minor
Toccata XXI in D Major
Toccata XXII in C Major
Toccata XXIII in D Minor
Toccata XXIV in A Minor
Toccata XXV in F Major


Fantasia I* in C Major
“(“sopra Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La”)”
Fantasia II in A Minor
Fantasia III in F Major
Fantasia IV in G Major
“(“sopra Sol, La, Re”)”
Fantasia V in A Minor
Fantasia VI in A Minor
Fantasia VII in G Major
Fantasia VIII in D Minor


Canzona I on D
Canzona II in G Minor
Canzona III on F
Canzona IV on G
Canzona V on G[?]
Canzona VI in A Minor


Capriccio I in G Major
Capriccio II in A Minor
Capriccio III in D Minor
Capriccio IV on F
Capriccio V in G Minor
Capriccio VI on G[?]
Capriccio VII in G Major
Capriccio VIII in G Minor
Capriccio IX in G Major
Capriccio X on D
Capriccio XI on D[?]
Capriccio XII in F Major
Capriccio XIII on E
Capriccio XIV on E
Capriccio XV in F Major
Capriccio XVI in F Major
Capriccio XVII in A Minor
Capriccio XVIII in C Major


Ricercare I in C Major
Ricercare II on G
Ricercare III in F Major
Ricercare IV on G[?]
Ricercare V in G Minor
Ricercare VI in C-sharp Minor
Ricercare VII on D
Ricercare VIII in G Minor
Ricercare IX on E
Ricercare X on G[?]
Ricercare XI in D Minor
Ricercare XII in F-sharp Minor
Ricercare XIII in C
Ricercare XIV in D Minor

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