Organ and Keyboard Works II

Frescobaldi, Girolamo (1583-1643)


Il Primo Libro di Capricci fatti sopra diversi Soggetti, et Arie (Rome, Soldi, 1624)

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Girolamo Frescobaldi’s music profoundly influenced such composers as Froberger, Buxtehude, Johann Sebastian Bach and Muffat.
The well-known Pidoux edition is now joined by Bärenreiter’s definitive new Urtext edition in six volumes. It offers professional musicians, musicologists and music lovers an unrivalled musical text that satisfies the needs of performers while providing a full account of the works’ genesis and surviving sources.
Each volume in this new edition features a detailed Foreword on the genesis of the works, the situation regarding sources, performance practice as well as the editorial method employed. A Critical Commentary rounds off each volume.
• Definitive Urtext edition in six volumes
• At the cutting edge of musical scholarship
• Detailed Foreword, Critical Commentary and list of sources (Ger/Eng)

Faksimile: “Tavola” [Inhaltsverzeichnis], “Il Primo Libro di Capricci”, Roma, 1624
Tafel 1: Dreiertakt in “Il Primo Libro di Capricci”, 1624
Notenbeispiele 1-2
Abkürzungen und Symbole
Frescobaldis Vorwort zu den “Capricci”

Il Primo Libro di Capricci fatti sopra diversi Soggetti, et Arie (Rom, Soldi, 1624):
• Capriccio Primo, sopra Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la
• Capriccio Secondo, sopra La, sol, fa, mi, re, ut
• Capriccio Terzo, sopra il Cucho
• Capriccio Quarto, sopra La, sol, fa, re, mi
• Capriccio Quinto, sopra la Bassa Fiammenga
• Capriccio Sesto, sopra la Spagnoletta
• Capriccio Settimo, sopra l’Aria “Or che noi rimena” in partite
• Capriccio Ottavo Cromatico, di Ligature al contrario
• Capriccio Nono, di Durezze
• Capriccio Decimo, Obligo di cantare la Quinta parte senza toccarla
• Capriccio Undecimo, sopra un Sogetto
• Capriccio Duodecimo, sopra l’Aria di Rugiero


• Ruffo, Vincenzo – La, Sol, Fa, Re, Mi aus “Capricci in musica a tre voci” (Milano, 1564)
• Capriccio Ottavo des vorliegenden Bandes in Partiturfassung
• Die Quellen / The Sources
• Zur Edition / Editorial Policy / Critical Commentary
• Verzeichnis der Faksimiles / Facsimiles that Appear in the Present Edition

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