Selected Works for Organ, Volume II

Cabanilles, Juan Bautista (1644-1712)


Obras selectas para Órgano, vol. 2

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Although quite some time has passed since the multifaceted organ music from Spain’s Golden Age could be called an “insider’s tip”, it had yet to attain popularity with any wide audience outside the countries of the Iberian Peninsula. The three-volume Urtext edition of selected works by Joan Cabanilles, the cathedral organist from Valencia, now has every chance of becoming a milestone in its own right. The Iberian organ tradition of the 17th century appears to have reached its climax in his tientos, diferencias and versos. In the first two volumes, the editors Gerhard Doderer and Miguel Bernal Ripoll present a total of 22 of his most appealing and most significant tientos.

– Urtext edition based on the latest research findings
– Preface by the editors (in German, English and Spanish)

Editors: Miguel Bernal Ripoll & Gerhard Doderer

11. Tiento de falsas de primer tono
12. Tiento de falsas de cuarto tono
13. Tiento de falsas de octavo tono punto alto
14. Tiento de batalla de quinto tono punto bajo
15. Tiento de contras de octavo tono
16. Tiento partido de mano derecha de primer tono sobre “Ave maris stella”
17. Tiento partido de mano derecha de primer tono en tercio a modo de Italia
18. Tiento partido de mano derecha de segundo tono
19. Tiento partido de mano izquierda de primer tono
20. Tiento partido de mano izquierda de segundo tono
21. Tiento partido de dos tiples de cuarto tono
22. Tiento partido de dos bajos de primer tono

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