Tabulatura Nova I

Scheidt, Samuel (1587-1654)


ed. Harald Vogel

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Werke SSWV 102-126

Variationswerke (Cantio Sacra, Fantasia Super, Passamezo, Curant, Canones aliquot u.a.)
Harald Vogel: Einleitung
Harald Vogel: Zur Edition
Werke SSWV 102 bis 126
Anhang 1: Zwei weitere Kanonkompositionen (handschriftlich überliefert)
Anhang 2: Fantasia SSWV 103 (in Pedaliter-Notation)
Anhang 3: Passamezo SSWV 107 (mit Fingersätzen von 1635)

Zur Edition
Commentary on the Edition

I. Cantio Sacra Wir gleuben all an einen Gott SSWV 102
II. Fantasia super Io son ferito Lasso SSWV 103
III. Cantio Sacra Vater unser im Himmelreich SSWV 104
IV. Fantasia super Ut. Re. Mi. Fa. Sol. La. SSWV 105
V. Cantio Sacra Warum betrübst du dich mein Hertz SSWV 106
Vl. Passamezo SSWV 107
VII. Niederlandisch Liedgen. Cantio Belgica Weh windgen weh SSWV 108
VIII. Curant SSWV 109
IX. Curant SSWV 110
X. Niederlandisch Liedgen. Cantio Belgica Ach du feiner Reuter SSWV 111
XI. Frantzösisch Liedgen. Cantio Gallica Est ce Mars SSWV 112
XII. Psalm: Da JEsus an dem Creutze stundt SSWV 113
XIII. Fantasia super Ich ruffe zu dir SSWV 114
Herr Jesu Christ
Canones aliquot (12 Kanons) SSWV 115-126

Anhang I
Canon retrogradus ä 3 V(oc.)
super In te Domine speravi
Canon ä 3 V(oc.) in 5 post (minimam) SSWV 541

Anhang II
Fantasia super Io son ferito Lasso SSWV 103

Anhang III
Passamezo SSWV 107
(mit Fingersätzen)

“A key work in German organ music with an excellent introduction which all serious students of the instrument should have. There is much marvellous music here, and I strongly recommend this to all keyboard players, not just organists.” (Early Music Review)

Vol. 1 of Harald Vogels new edition is being issued almost exactly 100 years after the first modern edition (Denkmäler Deutscher Tonkunst, Vol. I, 1893). It consists of three volumes corresponding to the subdivision of the original print of 1624. It containts extensive information on the repertoire, performance practice and types of organ, and features the first translation of the Latin dedications.
This edition exemplifies a new kind of editorial technique which consciously eschews the modernization of many details in the original notation (e.g. note values, time signatures or bar lengths ). The upright format accentuates the suitability of the pieces for all keyboard instruments, since almost all of the works can be played on one keyboard (manualiter). The notation is on two staves throughout save for a selection of pieces on three staves, whereby the cantus firmus is always printed separately. The canonic pieces have been fully written out for the first time.

Harald Vogel (b. 1941) is regarded as the leading authority in the field of the interpretation of north-German Renaissance and Baroque organ music. Concert tours throughout the world and CDs documents his far-reaching artistic activity. In 1972 he founded the North-German Organ Academy, which he still leads today. Vogel has proven his commitment to teaching through his professorship at the Conservatory in Bremen as well as through teaching positions in Germany and abroad.

“Each piece is a major work and demands the utmost brillliance and stamina of the work of ist genre.”(Early Keyboard Music)
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