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Volume 2 of famous early 17th-century collection of keyboard music. Features 300 works by Morley, Byrd, Bull, Gibbons, etc. Modern notation.

‘The most remarkable, and in many respects the most valuable collection of Elizabethan keyboard music’ (Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians). The close to 300 airs, variations, fantasies, toccatas, pavanes, galliards, allemandes and courantes in these two volumes include some of the finest examples of Elizabethan and Jacobean Music: Morley, Gibbons, Farnaby, Warrock, Ferdinando Richardson, Peter Phillips, Tomkins and practically every other composer of the virginalistic school. John Bull and William Byrd, two of England’s greatest composers are represented by over 100 works. The pieces herein, while composed for the virginal, can be played without difficulty on the piano or any other keyboard instrument. Maitland and Squire set the music into modern notation, preserving faithfully the intent of the composers.

Table of Contents for The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Vol. 2

CX. Felix namque 2. Thomas Tallis. (1564)
CXI. [Exercise]. Anon
CXII. Daphne. Giles Farnaby
CXIII. Pawles Wharfe. Giles Farnaby
CXIV. Quodlings Delight. Giles Farnaby
CXV. Praeludium [X]. John Bull
CXVI. Praeludium. Dor. [XIII*]. John Bull
CXVII. Praeludium [VII]. Anon
CXVIII. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la, a 4 voci. J. P. Sweelinck
CXIX. In Nomine [IX]. John Bull
CXX. Praeludium [VII]. Anon
CXXI. Pavana Lachrymae. John Dowland, set by William Byrd. (See No. CLIII and CCXC)
CXXII. Galiarda. James Harding, set by Byrd
CXXIII. Pavana. Thomas Tomkins
CXXIV. Fantasia [I]. Thomas Morley
CXXV. Christe Redemptor. John Bull
CXXVI. The Maydens Song. William Byrd
CXXVII. Put up thy Dagger, Jemy. Giles Farnaby
CXXVIII. Bony sweet Robin (see No. XV). Giles Farnaby
CXXIX. Fantasia [I]. Giles Farnaby
CXXX. A Grounde. Thomas Tomkins
CXXXI. Barafostus’ Dream (see No. XVIII). Thomas Tomkins
CXXXII. The Hunting Galliard. Thomas Tomkins
CXXXIII. The Quadran Paven (see No. XXXI). William Byrd
CXXXIV. Galiard to the Quadran Paven (see No. XXXIII)
CXXXV. The King’s Hunt. John Bull
CXXXVI. Pavana [I]. John Bull
CXXXVII. Galiarda [I]. John Bull
CXXXVIII. Dr. Bull’s Juell. John Bull
CXXXIX. The Spanish Paven. John Bull
CXL. In Nomine. [John?] Parsons
CXLI. Wooddy-Cook. Giles Farnaby
CXLII. The Duke of Brunswick’s Alman. John Bull
CXLIII. Rosasolis. Giles Farnaby
CXLIV. Psalme [140]. J. P. Sweelinck
CXLV. Alman [I]. Robert Johnson
CXLVI. Alman [I]. Robert Johnson
CXLVII. Alman. Robert Johnson, set by Giles Farnaby
CXLVIII. The New Sa-Hoo. Giles Farnaby
CXLIX. Nobody’s Gigge. Richard Farnaby
CL. Malt’s come downe. William Byrd
CLI. Praeludium [IX]. Anon
CLII. Alman [XIII]. Thomas Morley
CLIII. Pavana [IX]. [Lachrymae.] Thomas Morley
CLIV. Galiarda [IX]. Thomas Morley
CLV. La Volta. William Byrd
CLVI. Alman [VII]. William Byrd
CLVII. Wolsey’s Wilde. William Byrd
CLVIII. Callino Casturame. William Byrd
CLIX. La Volta. T. Morley, set by William Byrd
CLX. Rowland. William Byrd
CLXI. Why aske you. Anon (see No. CCLXXXVI)
CLXII. The Ghost. William Byrd
CLXIII. Alman [IX*]. William Byrd
CLXIV. Galliard [I]. William Byrd
CLXV. Pavana [IX*]. William Byrd
CLXVI. Galliarda [IX*]. William Byrd
CLXVII. Pavana [I**]. William Byrd
CLXVIII. Galiarda [I**]. William Byrd
CLXIX. Pavana [XIII*]. Thomas Morley
CLXX. Galliarda [XIII*]. Thomas Morley
CLXXI. [deest, owing to an error in numbe
CLXXII. The Queenes Alman. William Byrd
CLXXIII. A Medley. William Byrd
CLXXIV. Pavana [IX]. William Byrd
CLXXV. Galliarda [IX]. William Byrd
CLXXVI. Miserere. 3 parts. William Byrd
CLXXVII. Miserere. 4 parts. William Byrd
CLXXVIII. Pakington’s Pownde. Anon
CLXXIX. The Irishe Dumpe. Anon
CLXXX. Watkins Ale. Anon
CLXXXI. A Gigg. William Byrd
CLXXXII. Pipers Paven. Martin Peerson
CLXXXII. Pipers Galliard. John Bull
CLXXXIII. Variatio ejusdem. John Bull
CLXXXIV. Praeludium. D. [XIII]. John Bull
CLXXXV. Galiarda [IX*]. John Bull
CLXXXVI. Galiarda [IX*]. John Bull
CLXXXVII. Allemanda. Marchant
CLXXXVIII. Can Shee. Anon
CLXXXIX. A Gigge. Doctor Bull’s my selfe. John Bull
CXC. A Gigge. John Bull
CXCI. Sr. Jhon Grayes Galliard. W. B.
CXCII. Preludium [VII]. John Bull
CXCIII. A Toy. Anon (see No. CCIV)
CXCIV. Giles Farnaby’s Dreame. Giles Farnaby
CXCV. His Rest. Giles Farnaby
CXCVI. His Humour. Giles Farnaby
CXCVII. Fayne would I wedd. Richard Farnaby
CXCVIII. A Maske. Giles Farnaby
CXCIX. A Maske. Giles Farnaby
CC. An Almain [VII]. Anon
CCI. Corranto [VII]. Anon
CCII. Alman [XIII]. Anon
CCIII. Corranto [X]. Anon
CCIV. Corranto [VII]. (See No. CXCIII.) Anon
CCV. Corranto [I]. Anon
CCVI. Daunce. Anon
CCVII. Worster Braules. Thomas Tomkins
CCVIII. Fantasia [VII]. Giles Farnaby
CCIX. A Maske. Giles Farnaby
CCX. Praeludium [IX]. John Bull
CCXI. [Praeludium] [V]. Anon
CCXII. Martin sayd to his Man. Anon
CCXIII. Almand. William Tisdall
CCXIV. Pavana Chromatica. William Tisdall
CCXV. Ut, re, mi, fa, sol, la. John Bull
CCXVI. Gipseis Round. William Byrd
CCXVII. Fantasia [I*]. J. P. Sweelinck
CCXVIII. Coranto [IX]. William Byrd
CCXIX. Pavana. Clement Cotton. William Tisdall
CCXX. Pavana [I*]. William Tisdall
CCXXI. Coranto [I]. Anon
CCXXII. Alman. Hooper
CCXXIII. Corranto [I]. Anon
CCXXIV. Corranto [I]. Anon
CCXXV. Corranto [I*]. Anon
CCXXVI. Corranto [VII]. Anon
CCXXVII. Alman [III]. Anon
CCXXVIII. Corranto. Hooper
CCXXIX. Fantasia [VII]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXX. Loth to depart. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXI. Fantasia [I]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXII. [Fantasia] [I*]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXIII. [Transcription of “Ay me, poore Heart.”] Giles Farnaby
CCXXXIV. [Fantasia] [I]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXV. Walter Erle’s Paven. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXVI. [Fantasia] [IX]. Giles Fa
CCXXXVII. [Fantasia] [VII]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXVIII. Fantasia [VII]. Giles Farnaby
CCXXXIX. The L. Zouches Maske. Giles Farnaby
CCXL. Grounde. Giles Farnaby
CCXLI. Coranto [XIII]. William Byrd
CCXLII. Up T[ails] all. Giles Farnaby
CCXLIII. Jhonson’s Medley. Edward Johnson
CCXLIV. Nowel’s Galliard. Anon
CCXLV. Tower Hill. Giles Farnaby
CCXLVI. Praeludium [XIII]. Giles Farnaby
CCXLVII. The King’s Morisco. Anon
CCXLVIII. A Duo. Richard Farnaby
CCXLIX. Alman [VII]. Anon
CCL. A Galiard Ground. William Inglot
CCLI. The Leaves bee greene. William Inglot
CCLII. Pavana [IX]. William Byrd
CCLIII. Galiarda [X]. William Byrd
CCLIV. Pavana [IX*]. William Byrd
CCLV. Galiarda [IX]. William Byrd
CCLVI. Pavana [XIII]. William Byrd
CCLVII. Pavana Fant[asia] [VIII]. William Byrd
CCLVIII. Galiarda [VII]. William Byrd
CCLIX. The Earle of Oxfords Marche. William Byrd
CCLX. Galiarda. Jehan Oystermayre
CCLXI. Fantasia [VIII]. William Byrd
CCLXII. The Duchesse of Brunwick’s Toye. John Bull
CCLXIII. A Toye [VIII]. Anon
CCXIV. Corranto [I]. Anon
CCLXV. Lady Riche. Anon
CCLXVI. Corranto [VIII]. Anon
CCLXVII. A Gigge. Giles Farnaby
CCLXIX. Galiarda [X]. Giles Farnaby
CCLXX. A Toye [X]. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXI. The Primerose. Martin Peerson
CCLXXII. The Fall of the Leafe. Martin Peerson
CCLXXIII. Farnabye’s Conceit. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXIV. Allemanda [VII]. Anon
CCLXXV. Pavana. Canon, 2 in 1. William Byrd
CCLXXVI. Pescodd Time. William Byrd (see No. LIX)
CCLXXVII. Pavana. Delight. Edward Johnson, set by William Byrd
CCLXXVIII. Galiarda. Edward Johnson, set by William Byrd
CCLXXIX. Miserere, 3 parts. John Bull
CCLXXX. Tell mee, Daphne. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXI. Mal Sims. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXII. Munday’s Joy. John Munday
CCLXXXIII. Rosseter’s Galiard, set by Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXIV. The Flatt Pavan. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXV. Pavana [VII]. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXVI. Why aske you. (See No. CLXI.) Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXVII. Farmer’s Paven. Giles Farnaby
CCLXXXVIII. Dalling Alman. Anon
CCLXXXIX. The Old Spagnoletta. Giles Farnaby
CCXC. Lachrymae Pavan. John Dowland, set by Giles Farnaby (see No. CXXI and CLIII)
CCXCI. Meridian Alman. Set by Giles Farnaby
CCXCII. Pavana. Orlando Gibbons
CCXCIII. Muscadin. Giles Farnaby (see No. XIX)
CCXCIV. Lady Montegle’s Paven. William Byrd
CCXCV. Galiarda. William Tisdall
CCXCVI. Fantasia [I]. Giles Farnaby
CCXCVII. Hanskin. Richard Farnaby

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