The Organ Yearbook 48 (2019)

Peeters, Paul (red.)
Laaber Verlag


A Journal for the Players & Historians of Keyboard Instruments

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A rare example of historicism from the early Organ Reform

In this volume of The Organ Yearbook Frans Brouwer highlights the 1944 Marcussen organ in Jægersborg, a rare example of historicism from the early Organ Reform, and investigates its direct influence in Western European countries and Northern America.

Pieter Dirksen puts forward his arguments for Bach’s authorship, most likely c1706, of the chorale partita Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen BWV 770.

Lynn Edwards Butler presents an overview of Zacharias Thayssner’s organ building activities. His work received both positive and negative evaluations, but the crux of the matter is that Thayssner was a 17th-century organ builder working at the end of an era.

Jonas Lundblad offers new insights on Messiaen’s performance of his own works by analysing Messiaen’s three recorded performances of his Livre d’orgue.

To mark Arp Schnitger’s 300rd day of death in 2019, Harald Vogel assesses the importance of his work by evaluating and categorising the 32 sounding organs and 17 façades that have bee preserved.

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