The Organ Yearbook 49 (2020)

Peeters, Paul (red.)
Laaber Verlag


A Journal for the Players & Historians of Keyboard Instruments

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In this volume of The Organ Yearbook Wim S. Ros, Koos van de Linde and Winold van der Putten report on their research and the reconstruction of the positive depicted on ‘The adoration of the lamb’ by Hubert and Jan van Eyck.

Walter Chinaglia has recreated a pair of ‘organi di legno’ based on study of documents and research on the construction and acoustics of wooden pipes.

George B. Stauffer shares further thoughts on Bach’s Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 537.

Peter van Tour reveals new evidence of imitative stock patterns in the teaching and improvisation of counterpoint in 18th-century Naples.

Anna Steppler shows how Michael Praetorius set up his De Organographia as defence of the organ as the instrument of instruments.

Dorothea Schröder and Krzysztof Urbaniak outline how Stellwagen’s organ for the Eutiner Schlosskapelle came about.

The ‘Silbermann Archives’ have become publicly available: a short report and Marc Schaefer’s introduction highlight this important collection.

Christopher Anderson portrays a schoolmaster in ‘Karl Straube as organ teacher’.

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